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A concert by a Shetland Harpist

Shetlanders in and around Edinburgh may be interested in another concert (after her debut in 2018) during the Edinburgh Festival by harpist Sophie Rocks, who was raised at Busta House until she went away to study at Glasgow School of Music. The 2019 concerts are on 19-24 August (not 21) at 12:10 in The Space on the Mile (Radisson Hotel) - See her flier here

Recent publications of interest to Shetlanders (anywhere)

In the last month Rosanne Watt, a Shetlander currently living in Edinburgh, recently awarded her doctorate and winner of the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award 2018, has published her first volume of poetry, "Moder Dy" to great acclaim; historian David Gange's excellent book "The Frayed Atlantic Edge" describes his canoe journey from Shetland to The Channel with his take on the communities he encountered; and Bonnyrigg man Adrian Duncan's book Shetland and the Greenland Whaling was launched in Shetland during the recent Boat Week. You can probably get all from The Shetland Times but some are certainly stocked in Edinburgh book shops - Rosanne Watt and David Gange have appeared at the Book Festival and have given readings at The Golden Hare bookshop.


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January 2018

A copy of the latest newsletter (sent out in early January 2018) is available as a Word doc below. It refers to a booking form for tickets for the EDSA 90th Anniversary Dinner Dance in March 2018, also available here as a word doc.

download the January 2018 newsletter here

(or get the PDF here)

September 2017

A copy of the latest newsletter sent out at the start of the 2017-18 season is available as a Word doc below. It contains tear-off slips for payment of this season's subscriptions and for noting intertest in attending the EDSA 90th Anniversary Dinner Dance in March 2018.

download a copy here

Shetland Webcams: live views

You can see what is happening now and what the weather is like through various webcams at different locations in Shetland.

The Zetland Golf Club (Edinburgh) is on the lookout for new members.

The Club, which was formed in 1909, meets 6 times a year

At one time membership was confined to persons of Shetland descent but the Rules of the Club now allow other interested golfers to become members. If you are interested or know of anybody who might be interested in enjoying a sociable game of golf in amiable company please contact the Club Secretary Phil Williams, mobile number 077710954985, or by email at pwilliams@sinclairnorman.co.uk. The annual subscription is £10.

(submitted by Brian Knight, March 16, 2014)

You need tae watch dis!

Tune in tae Shetland A-Z

Inspired entertainment

by Steven Robertson in Shetland dialect (good to see that the tradition of humorous dialect songs lives on)

No a Fast Car and We No Spik No Whalsa'

(contributed by Margaret Simpson)

Sheeksin Session

..... at Ocean Terminal on 1st May 2013 (submitted by Vaila Irvine)