Contact page

For general EDSA business contact Mr Malcolm Linklater (Secretary)

(for Website and Facebook material contact Robin Barclay)


Hugh Halcrow

36 Hollybank Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 1SP

Tel: 0131 346 7702 e-mail: 

(Contact Hugh to reserve tickets for our various events)

Senior Vice-President

Magnus Bray 

Junior Vice-President

Benjamin Napier 

Treasurer Margaret Tait

Tel: 01383 821 240  e-mail:

Membership Secretary

Isla Kay


Malcolm Linklater

36 Meadowfield Terrace, Edinburgh EH8 7NR

Tel: 0131 334 4456 e-mail:

Assistant Secretary

John Mouat

Website & Facebook information, submissions and amendments

Robin Barclay tel: 07889981636


** For ticket purchase for events contact Hugh Halcrow (President) or Malcolm Linklater (Secretary) - or purchase on line where that is enabled