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The Edinburgh and District Shetland Association was established in 1928 to cater for the social needs of an extensive Shetland connected community in and around Edinburgh and Leith. 

While the size of this community has varied over the years and the style of social events has changed, the aims of the Association remain the same.

Today the Association is a lively forward looking community running regular ceilidh dances during Winter months in the Thomas Morton Hall at Leith Town Hall and other events during the year, with a specifically Shetland flavour.

Members, their friends and visitors are very welcome to join us at all events.

Update:   The 2016-17 EDSA programme shown here is drawing to a close (with the Summer Outing) and the 2017-18 programme starting in the Autumn will be presented when published. The events have been well attended and we look forward to continued support in the new season.

Facebook: We have started a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/edinburghshetlanders/
You should be able to access it even if you have not joined Facebook, and Facebook members should be able to post and comment as visitors. An archive of images will be built up.
Archive: we have added an archive page for copies of old photos and documents.

Early information: EDSA will mark its 90th anniversary in 2018 by a dinner-dance on Saturday 17th March 2018 in the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh. This will be an excellent night and will be subsidised by EDSA to keep prices down. The music will be provided by Da Fustra + Iain MacPhail. We hope that we will get a good turnout from current and past members of EDSA, the Shetland community around Edinburgh (or anywhere) and any folk with Shetland connections who want to attend. Put it in your diary now - it should be an outstanding night out. Further details will be presented here as they develop.

Last event -   Sassermaet supper -  Saturday 4 March

Next event -. Joint Ceilidh with the Orkney and Caithness Associations - Saturday April 22nd See the Events page

Summer outing (Sunday June 4) will be to Glamis Castle - put your name down for this at the AGM or contact Malcolm or Hugh.

For any event there is usually a limit to the numbers the venue can accommodate (usually the Thomas Morton Hall in Leith Town Hall at the bottom of Ferry Road), so tickets will be printed to match that number. To reserve tickets (which can be picked up and paid for at the door on the night) contact Hugh Halcrow by phone or email (see contacts). Any spare tickets will be available at the door, but it is best to reserve them to avoid disappointment.

Check Events News for reports of recent and previous events and  "Dis an' Dat" for other news and information snippets
. Contact Robin Barclay (email) with any news, information or comment to place on this website. Pictures and stories are always welcome from any members.

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